Episode 80: Christopher Pyne tries to fix podcasting

Also guest Mark Humphries!

So for a break from all things Covid and Delta this week I decided to release a project I’d been working for a while: my epic deep dive into former Defence and Education minister Christopher Pyne’s abysmal podcast PYNE TIME. Yes I listened to all TWENTY episodes of Pyne Time so you don’t have to. And it’s incredibly self-indulgent even by podcasting standards as Pyne interrupts and talks over high profile guests like Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Gladys Berejiklian and Malcolm Turnbull.

Also my guest is old A Rational Fear buddy and current satirist at ABC 7.30 Mark Humphries, stopping by to talk about his new book with his co-writer Evan Williams, On Politics and Stuff which you can buy here.



Also I released this week’s episode two days early and ad free over on our Patreon, which is something I’ll be doing from now on when possible (obviously not all the time given how topical the show is.)




Also this week I was honoured to appear on The Chaser Report podcast to give a sneak preview of the Pyne Time episode and to plug News Fighters. Listen below:


Anyways that’s all from me. I’m taking a week or two off to catch my breath and get ahead. Our August Bonus Episode will be out on our Patreon on Monday and features lots of outtakes from Stefan covering the Olympics.

Also look out for a best of in your podcast feeds next week.

Keep fighting and get vaccinated!