Episode 81: Fathers Day, Freedom Day and we're on the radio!

Also guest Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully

This week:

  • Mock Monk Outrage!

  • Greg Hunt skips a Pfizer meeting

  • ScoMo 747 takes off (again!)

  • Who’s that Guy? Victoria’s new Opposition Leader!

  • NSW’s Freedom day is coming, but with extra crowded hospitals!

  • And our first ever politician guest: Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully! She’s here to talk about how Sydney will recover from the lockdown and the upcoming NSW local council elections on December 4.

Follow Jess on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jessscullysydney



ALSO in exciting news, we’re now a segment on your radio:

If you’re in Sydney, tune in every Friday morning to 2SER Breakfast to hear a 3-5 minute “best of” the week from me, a cutdown of the weeks wacky headlines!