It's Freedom Friday (so drink beers)

Hello welcome to my newsletter where I talk about my wacky clips podcast News Fighters. I’m back after a week off and have decided to recap our recent “freedom days” in Sydney and Melbourne! I was going to talk about Christian Porter’s blind trust but I decided I don’t want to be sued for defamation.

Also joining me for a chat is one of Australia’s top satirists, Alice Fraser host of the great news comedy podcast The Gargle. Check out Alice Fraser’s website at or follow her on twitter at @aliterative

On a personal note, I’ve taken on some full time corporate editing work til the end of the year to pay my “rent” as part time TV editing gigs have more or less dried up due to lockdowns. So look forward to News Fighters being a bit weird and loose the next few weeks as I try to balance essentially two full time gigs before I take a break over the summer. Also get ready for the big, annual “Year in Review” episode in December!

Keep fighting and remember to file your tax return by this Sunday!