ScoMo's Net Zero Plan is a Sham!

Also Happy Halloween with Stefan!

Happy Episode 87!

Scott Morrison this week announced a non-binding sham plan without legislation to tackle the greatest threat of our time (Climate Change) while introducing binding legislation to tackle a threat that doesn’t exist in an effort to try and steal the next election (voter ID laws). I take a deep dive looking at a week in politics that will harm our democracy and our environment.

Also to celebrate Halloween our wacky news correspondent Stefan Pazur stops by to announce his exciting new horror/true crime/science spin off podcast and how he’ll be scaring trick or treaters.




Last week Dylan stepped up to fill in for Triple J’s Lewis Hobba on Dan Ilic’s award winning podcast A Rational Fear to talk about Squid Game (never seen it), Trump’s new social network and Dan’s amazing climate activist billboards that conquered New York! Give it a listen:


Our October bonus episode is coming out on our Patreon this weekend and will be full of interview outtakes and many many jokes from our 2SER segment which didn’t make it into our regular show. JOIN NOW AND LIVE THE DREAM!